Our Occupational Medicine Services:

  • Providing Federally Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Respirator Evaluation including questionnaires, PFT/ Spirometry and respirator mask fitting.
  • Certified Audiometry and Standard Threshold Shift assessments.
  • Providing care for the injury requiring suture repair, foreign body removal or x-ray evaluation.
  • Pre-employment physical examinations to identify the employee with a health issue that would represent a significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of the individual or others that cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation.
  • Annual, DOT, fitness for duty and executive physical examinations allow for interventions which will prevent minor ailments from becoming disabling impairments, as well as protecting other workers and the public from accidents caused by unfit employees.
  • Expert Travel Medicine advice for individuals and their families traveling abroad by providing vaccinations and medications required to prevent infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and yellow fever, as well as specific health and personal safety risks that may be associated with the country to be visited.
  • The reassurance that any medical questions or concerns may be directed to Dr. Bizzell in confidence.

 IMMIGRATION MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS are performed in this office as required by the United States Citizenship and Immigrations Division of Homeland Security. Please call our office for further details (704) 282-2400. Habla Espanol